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Plastic containers and packaging

Plastic containers and packagingMateriality

Our approach

The Yakult Group aims to establish the foundation for environmentally conscious container and packaging technology in order to address the growing global issues related to plastic waste, such as environmental pollution and recycling of resources. We plan to reduce the environmental impact of our plastic containers and packaging, and make transition to easily recyclable materials at the same time. We will also set quantitative targets and continue to step up our efforts to reduce the amount of plastic used in containers and packaging and reuse the plastic packaging materials in our production processes.

Related SDGs

Promoting plastic recycling of containers and packaging

In recent years, issues such as plastic pollution in oceans, climate change, and natural resource depletion have become global problems. In light of this, Yakult engages in initiatives to promote recycling of plastic containers and packaging.

We announced Environmental Vision 2050 in April 2021. Through Environmental Actions (2021-2024) and Environmental Targets 2030, our short-term and medium-term milestones towards achieving Environmental Vision 2050, we aim to reduce plastic containers and packaging by 5% by the end of fiscal 2024 and by 30% by the end of fiscal 2030 compared to fiscal 2018 levels, or make them recyclable.

Main initiatives

Working to reduce the environmental impact of containers and packaging

The Yakult Group announced the Declaration of Action on Plastic Recycling in January 2019.

We are working on concrete initiatives such as converting to containers and packaging made with easily-recyclable or environment-conscious materials in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Utilizing biomass

In October 2020 we transitioned to using bioplastic in the straws and multi-pack shrink-wrap for Yakult no Hakko Tonyu in Japan. Yakult Europe B.V. is also working to raise its environmental responsibility further by utilizing biomass, which is a renewable organic resource that comes from plant or animal materials, to switch from plastic to paper carton packaging.

For details, see “Plastic containers and packaging” of the Yakult CSR Report