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Promoting water resource conservation

Effective use of water resources and Water purification

Effective use of water resources

We use water in our various operations at Yakult Group plants, not only as a raw material in products but also to clean production equipment and cool products and machinery.
A number of key measures are undertaken at each plant to save water. For instance, rainwater is stored in tanks and used to water vegetation, while water that can be reused from the amount emitted from the facilities is employed to cool machinery.

Water Purification by using Yakult containers in plants

Yakult A&G* Water Purification System        *AQUA&GLOBE

This is a system for purifying dirty water using the power of microorganisms that live in Yakult containers.
Yakult makes use of this system not only to purify wastewater emitted from plants but also in support of water purification of rivers and ponds.

Water Purification at Yakult Group plants

At the Yakult group, we switched from the activated sludge method to Yakult A&G water purification system as one of the important methods for environment conservation.
The running cost of this system can be reduced to about half the level of conventional activated sludge processing systems, and this system contributes to energy conservation.
This system has been installed at the below plants.

Water purification of rivers and ponds

It is proven that Yakult A&G water purification system using Yakult containers are useful for advanced purification of factory wastewater and domestic wastewater. Projects are also underway in various regions to clean polluted rivers and ponds using this system, and great results have been achieved. We provide Yakult containers for the water purification business of rivers and ponds implemented by the national government, municipalities and others.

The reasons Yakult containers are useful for water purification

How the system works for water purification

Water in rivers and lakes has the capacity to purify itself. Microorganisms in the water take part in this action.
These microorganisms purify water by ingesting and decomposing as nutrients the causative substances contaminating the water.
Yakult A&G water purification system compactly utilizes the mechanism of purification of natural rivers, and enables to make high purification performance more efficiently, where Yakult containers play a role of the stones on riverbed as contact material.
In order for Yakult A&G water purification system to function highly, it depends on how many microorganisms can live on the surface of the material.
It is important how large the surface area of the contact material can be secured.

Yakult filter material and its feature

We call the empty Yakult containers with the bottoms cut out of them as “Yakult filters.”
When using Yakult filters as contact materials, this inner and outer surface forms a large surface area and it becomes a good living place for an extremely large number of microorganisms.
This is why Yakult containers can be helpful for water purification.

Yakult containers are effective for decontamination because of their excellent shape and quality of material, and thus are adopted as filtering media.
In addition, our original infill technique of filters improves trapping performance and the retention capacity for microorganisms.