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KidZania: A Real City for Kids!

Kidzania is an experience theme park where childeren can enjoy work experiences in real life-like facilities such as shops, banks, police stations and fire departments. Children choose the work they want to try and learn about society while having fun. Yakult operates the “Science Lab” pavilion, where children can learn in an enjoyable manner.

The “Yakult Science Lab” pavilion

Children can experience the work of a Yakult researcher

At Yakult’s “Science Lab” pavilion, children can experience the work of a researcher. Children become researchers wearing white lab coats and do various experiments using full-fledged equipment. They search for "bacteria that are beneficial for health" from among many kinds of bacteria and study their shape and function.
After experiencing the work, children can receive KidZania’s original currency, "Kidzo," as a salary, and they can use it for other pavilion experiences.
Through the job experience as a researcher, we hope that children will feel the fun and wonder of science, and the joys of working.