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Basic Policy on profit distribution and dividend

We place top priority on the continuous payment of stable dividends to shareholders by setting the annual dividend at a base of 30.0 yen per share. The total dividend is decided after comprehensively taking into account the need for funds for future business expansion and increasing earnings as well as the Company’s financial position and business performance for the year.

Based on this policy, we decided to pay a total dividend of 44.0 yen per share for the fiscal year ended March 2019, up 10.0 yen from the prior fiscal year to continuously increase the return to shareholders. We have already paid an interim dividend of 20.0 yen per share, and the balance of 24.0 yen per share will be distributed to shareholders as the year-end dividend.

For the year ending March 31, 2020, we plan to raise the annual dividend by 2.0 yen to 46.0 yen per share in an effort to offer higher returns to shareholders in addition to continuously paying stable dividends, in line with the policy described above.