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Business segments

Enzyme Business

The Enzyme preparations dealt with by Yakult Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. are used mainly in food processing areas including impasting or extracting essences and promoting the filtration of vegetables, fruits and grains, as well as the brewing of alcoholic liquors such as sake. In addition, they are being applied to various fields such as animal feeds, pharmaceutical raw materials and academic research.

Uses of Enzymes

Food Processing Field
Enzymes are widely used in the food processing field including in-between processes such as impasting, extracting the juices and promoting the filtration of vegetables, fruits and grains, and extracting the essences of fish and shellfish and animal meats, and the brewing of alcoholic liquors such as sake and wine.

Medical and Nursing Care Field
In addition to pharmaceutical raw materials and academic research, enzymes are also used in technologies to soften ingredients while maintaining a pleasant appearance.
From Waste to Useful Materials

Enzymes are also used to produce useful materials, including functional materials from waste produced in food processing such as fish bones and the fruit residue that remains after extracting juice.

Enzymes also exist in our bodies and are related to various bodily functions including the digestion of foods, metabolization and blood circulation.
In various industrial areas including food processing, the characteristics of enzymes are utilized to produce products. An enzyme and a substrate fit together like a lock and key, however, and one enzyme only works on only a specific substrate.
For instance protease, which breaks down proteins, cannot break down vegetable fibers.
Similarly, cellulase and pectinase, which break down fibers and pectin, cannot break down proteins.

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