Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy and Definitions

Yakult Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) abides by any relevant laws, regulations, guidelines, and other rules in relation to the information that may identify a specific individual, such as name, date of birth, address, phone number, and e-mail address (including information that can be easily compared with other information and thereby identify the specific individual) or information that includes an individual identification code, such as driver’s license number (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Information”) of an information subject, including our customers (hereinafter referred to as “the Individual”), which the Company requires for the performance of its business in connection with its business activities.

The Company recognizes the above as its corporate responsibility and conducts its business activities based on the policy described below.

2. Name and Address of Business Operator and Name of Representative

  • Yakult Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 5-11, Izumi, Kunitachi City, Tokyo 186-8650 Japan
  • Yoshihiro Goto, President & CEO

3. Method of Obtaining Personal Information

The Company obtains Personal Information in a lawful and appropriate manner and notifies the individual of, or publicizes, our purpose of use. Also, with regard to the special care-required Personal Information that the Individual offers in relation to health counselling for a purchase of our products or for other purposes, the Company will obtain such information with the consent of the Individual.

4. Purpose of Use

The Company appropriately uses the obtained Personal Information within the scope necessary to attain the purposes described below, in addition to the purpose to which the Individual has individually given a consent.

<Personal Information of our customers>

  • To send information on our products, the health, or other matters, to provide our services, or to make contact with regard to such services.
  • To send e-mail, direct mail, or packages by post to those who have given us consent.
  • To appropriately answer and respond to inquiries, requests, or catalog requests.

<Personal Information of our business partners>

  • To perform and manage the provision of information and transaction in relation to the business and services of the Company

<Personal Information of our prospective employees and targeted people of our recruitment activities>

  • To provide employment information of the Company, to screen applicants for the identity verification of the Individual, to confirm the progress history of hiring, and to send information after hiring.

<Other Personal Information>

  • For purposes to which the Individual has individually agreed to.

5. Entrustment of Operation

In order to facilitate the operation that is necessary to attain the purpose of use, the Company may entrust part of such operation and provide Personal Information to a subcontractor within the scope necessary to attain the purpose of use. In such cases, the Company will select a subcontractor who is appropriate for the handling of Personal Information and will exercise the necessary and appropriate supervision, including the conclusion of an agreement with the subcontractor as to the handling of Personal Information, so that appropriate safety control measures will be implemented.

6. Provision to A Third Party

Except when the consent of the Individual has been obtained or a case falling under any of the following, the Company will not disclose nor provide Personal Information obtained from the Individual to a third party.

  • When disclosing or providing such information as statistical data in the form where a specific individual may not be identified.
  • In the case of a merger, company split, business transfer, or succession for other reasons.
  • When disclosure is required to protect the life, body, or property of an individual and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the Individual.
  • When it is necessary to cooperate with public administrative tasks performed by national or local government organizations and obtaining the consent of the Individual could interfere with the execution of the administrative task.
  • When a disclosure and/or provision is requested under any laws and regulations.

The case of an entrustment under paragraph 5 (Entrustment of Operation) shall not fall under the disclosure or provision to a third party.

7. Pseudonymized Information

The Company pseudonymizes information so that any Individual may not be identified unless compared with other information for the purpose of analyzing and using the same to develop, and improve the quality of, our products, services, etc.

8. Request for Disclosure, Correction, Addition, Cessation of Use, and Deletion of Personal Information

The Company will respond promptly and take necessary measures when there is a request of disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, erasure, and cessation of use in relation to Personal Information from the Individual (or when there is a request from the Individual of disclosure of the record of provision to a third party).

(1) Reception method

The Company receives requests from the Individual in accordance with the following:

  1. Please contact us at the point of contact specified below and provide us with the details of your request along with your name, address, and phone number via the phone.
  2. The Company will, in line with your request, send you required documents (a request form on disclosure etc.) by post.
  3. Please fill out such required documents provided by us and send them back to the Company by post to the point of contact specified below with i) an identity verification document and ii) the fee enclosed. Please note that any other method other than posting (such as visiting us and submitting the documents in person) will not be accepted.
<Point of contact>
  • Name: General Affairs Division, Business Department, Yakult Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Phone: 042-577-8967
  • Address: 5-11, Izumi, Kunitachi City, Tokyo 186-8650 Japan

(2) Identify verification document (either one of the following)

  • A copy of driver’s license
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of health insurance card
  • A copy of pension book

(3) Fee

Regardless of the method of disclosure, 500 yen will be charged as a fee for notifying or disclosing the usage purpose of retained personal data or for disclosing the record of a provision to a third party. Please send us a Fixed Postal Money Order for 500 yen along with the required documents.

(4) Method of disclosure

We will make a disclosure either by post or e-mail, whichever the Individual prefers. Please indicate your preference as to the disclosure method on the request form that is to be sent by the Company.

Please note in advance that we may not accept your request in the case falling under any of the following:

  • When any insufficiency or deficiency is found in the required documents or other items.
  • When we are unable to confirm identification of the Individual.
  • When there is a risk of damaging the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the Individual or a third party.
  • When there is a risk of causing significant hindrance to the appropriate implementation of the operation of the Company.
  • When the case results in a violation of any laws or regulations.

9. Outline of Security Control Measures for Personal Information

The Company establishes a system for safety control measures as detailed below and takes sufficient measures to prevent divulgation, loss, or damage of Personal Information that it handles or otherwise to safely control the Personal Information.

  • Prepare handling regulations or other rules on Personal Information and establish a contact point for inquiries and requests.
  • Establish a position of personal information protection manager for each organization of the Company.
  • Continuously implement education and awareness building for employees.
  • Set access rights and take measures to prevent access to Personal Information by persons who have no authority.
  • Take measures so that Personal Information will not be easily revealed when the equipment, electronic media, or other items containing Personal Information is carried.
  • Conduct a self-inspection on a regular basis as regards the handling status of Personal Information.
  • Promptly destroy or delete Personal Information that is no longer necessary.

10. Inquiries

For any inquiries concerning Personal Information, please contact us at the following point:

  • Name: General Affairs Division, Business Department, Yakult Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Phone: 042-577-8967
  • Address: 5-11, Izumi, Kunitachi City, Tokyo 186-8650 Japan

11. Procedure for Change of Privacy Policy

The Company will change the Privacy Policy as necessary. However, for a change requiring the consent of our customers under any laws or regulations, the changed Privacy Policy will be applied only to those customers who have consented to such a change by the method prescribed by the Company. In addition, when changing the Privacy Policy, the Company will announce the effective date and content of the changed Privacy Policy on our website or individually notify the same to each customer.

[Revised on April 1, 2022]