News Releases

Nov 2011 Yakult Establishes Science Foundation in India
Nov 2011 Approval for a Change in Dosage and Administration of Anticancer Drug,“Elplat®” in Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer
Nov 2011 LivTech and Yakult Honsha Enter into Option Agreement for LIV-2008,LivTech’s Anti-Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies Program
Oct 2011 Yakult Issues “Yakult Social & Environmental Report 2011”
Jul 2011 Yakult Starts Production at Tianjin Plant in China
Jul 2011 "Supplementary Materials for Financial Statements" updated
Jul 2011 Yakult Begins Plans to Construct Second Plant in Guangdong Province, China
Jun 2011 Personnel Change of Directors and Executive Officers
May 2011 Production and Sale of Yakult LT to Start in Hong Kong
May 2011 Sales of Yakult to Begin in Hanoi, Vietnam
-Yakult Vietnam to set up its second operating base in the country-
Apr 2011 Notice of Personnel Change of Representative Director and Introduction of Executive Officer System
Apr 2011 4SC and Yakult Honsha Announce Exclusive License Agreement for Japan for the Oral HDAC Inhibitor Resminostat
Mar 2011 Aeterna Zentaris and Yakult Honsha Sign a Development, Commercialization and Licensing Agreement for Lead Oncology Compound, Perifosine, for the Japanese Market
Jan 2011 Yakult Formulates Long-Term Vision "Yakult Vision 2020"
Jan 2011 Daily consumption of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) reduces the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections, drinking Yakult daily Yakult trial at Loughborough University, UK

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