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Sales of Yakult to Begin in Hanoi, Vietnam
-Yakult Vietnam to set up its second operating base in the country-

May 2011

Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. (President: Sumiya Hori) today announced that Yakult Vietnam Co., Ltd. will start selling the Yakult fermented milk drink in the Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi on May 16, 2011.

Sales of Yakult in Vietnam started in September 2007, when Yakult Vietnam began selling the product in Ho Chi Minh, the country’s largest commercial city, and its nearby areas through retail stores and home delivery by female sales staff known as “Yakult Ladies.” The company has since been working to create and expand the probiotics market in Vietnam.

Yakult was available in about 1,200 stores and there were 80 Yakult Ladies in Vietnam as of the end of April 2011.

The capital city of Hanoi is located in the northern part of Vietnam, a country undergoing rapid economic development. While Ho Chi Minh in the south is referred to as the country’s economic center, Hanoi is the political and cultural center, making it one of the two leading cities of Vietnam. As such, Hanoi is a major driving force behind the rapid expansion of domestic consumption in Vietnam and thus going to be a very important market in accelerating our business in the country.

By establishing the operating base in Hanoi-the second in the country following the one in Ho Chi Minh-and launching store sales of Yakult there, we aim to further propagate and increase the penetration of the Yakult brand in Vietnam.


An outline of the Yakult sales plan for Hanoi is as follows:


1.Product Name:Yakult
2.Size / Package:65 ml polystyrene bottle / 5 bottles per package
Suggested Retail Price:18,500 dong (approx. 72 yen) per package of 5 bottles
4.Commencement of Sales:May 16, 2011
5.Sales Area:


* We will monitor the sales situation in Hanoi and plan to expand the sales area to include nearby cities.

6.Sales Channel:

Supermarkets and other retail stores

* A total of about 300 retail stores are expected to sell our products. We will monitor the store sales situation and may consider launching home delivery sales.

7.Sales Target:4,600 bottles per day (Average daily sales in Hanoi for fiscal 2011)





1. Profile of Yakult Vietnam

Company Name:Yakult Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Foundation:June 2006
Commencement of Operations: September 2007
Representative:Michio Kashiwaya

25.8 million U.S. dollars

* 80% owned by Yakult Honsha and 20% by Groupe Danone (Danone Probiotics Pvt Ltd.)

Sales:67,044 bottles per day (April 2011)


2. Profile of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Population:85.85 million (Central Population Census Steering Committee, April 2009)
Area:329,241 km2 (Roughly equivalent to the land area of Japan excluding Kyushu)
Currency:Vietnamese dong (1 dong = 0.004 yen as of April 2011)


3. Profile of Hanoi

Population:6.45 million
Area:Approx. 3,324 km2

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