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Yakult Formulates Long-Term Vision "Yakult Vision 2020"

January 2011

Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. (President, Sumiya Hori) announced that the company has formulated a long-term business management vision Yakult Vision 2020 covering 10 years through fiscal year 2020. Details of the vision are as follows:


<Background of formulating Yakult Vision 2020>

Under the corporate philosophy of “We contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world through pursuit of excellence in life science in general and our research and experience in microorganisms in particular,” Yakult has long been actively engaged in the food and beverages(Japan and Overseas), pharmaceuticals and cosmetics businesses.

Going forward, the business environment is expected to undergo drastic changes, requiring us to have a set of new signposts.

For this purpose, Yakult Honsha has formulated a long-term vision for its three businesses of food and beverages (Japan and Overseas), pharmaceuticals and cosmetics that sets targets to be achieved by each business in 10 years, and the entire company will work together in pursuit of growth as a global company.


 <Yakult Vision 2020>

Qualitative Goals
  •  Let’s promote the idea that a healthy intestinal tract leads to a long life*1, to as many people as possible on the earth!
  • Let’s apply our unique combination of preventative medicine*2 and therapeutic medicine to realize a healthy society!
  • Let’s offer satisfaction and happiness to our customers and ourselves by whole-heartedly delivering the best technology with gratitude!

*1 Yakult Founder Minoru Shirota’s idea: Human beings take in nutrition through their intestines. Making the intestines strong leads to healthy and long lives.

*2 Yakult Founder Minoru Shirota’s idea: Emphasis should be placed on medicine that prevents illness, rather than on treating illness once it develops.


Quantitative Goals (Fiscal Year 2020) 
  • Number of bottles of dairy products sold worldwide: 36.5 million bottles per day( vs FY2009 up 10 million bottles)
  • Consolidated sales: 500.0 billion yen( vs FY2009 up roughly twofold)
  • Consolidated operating income: 50.0 billion yen(vs FY2009 up roughly threefold)



<Phase I of Yakult Vision 2020>
The followings are the goals for the first three years under Yakult Vision 2020 (from fiscal year 2011 through fiscal year 2020):

Phase I Quantitative Goals (Fiscal Year 2013)
  • Number of bottles of dairy products sold worldwide: 30.11 million bottles per day
  • Consolidated sales: 345.0 billion yen
  • Consolidated operating income: 26.0 billion yen


Phase I Business-Based Themes

○Food and Beverages


  • Improve ability to promote values and strengthen own sales organization
  • Develop products from the perspectives of both customer needs and our technology and expertise to expand market share of dairy products, juices and soft drinks
  • Promote modernization to enable sustained growth (improve management quality and business structure of domestic sales companies)



  • Expand business, strengthen financial position and improve profitability of overseas operations
  • Stabilize management in China, the U.S. and India where we recently started sales activities and grow their businesses
  • Examine and enter new countries
  • Secure and nurture quality human resources for international business divisions


  • Maximize sales of anticancer drug Elplat (further spread the standard therapies and promote and popularize adjuvant therapy)
  • Promote smooth development of additional therapeutic efficacies of anticancer drug Elplat
  • Enhance innovative drug candidate pipeline by creating drug candidates with international potential and license in anticancer drugs


  • Increase the number of door-to-door sales persons (Yakult Beauty Advisers) and acquire new customers
  • Nurture Excellent Users through counseling that exploits advantages of door-to-door marketing
  • Develop primarily new skin care products based on lactobacillus
  • Acquire new online customers
  • Expand into cosmetic stores and other boutiques, corporate clients and overseas markets