Japanese Customs

Japanese Customs and Etiquette

Japan has a rich cultural history which stretches back to ancient times.
Here, Yakult Man will share with us etiquette unique to Japan, from proper table manners to the correct way to pay respect at a shrine.
Be sure to observe these customs and have a safe and enjoyable holiday in Japan!


  • Enjoying a meal the Japanese Way, for Everyone to Enjoy!
    5 Table Manners Born from Japanese Culture

    We live in a time where food culture transcends borders. Even in Japan, it’s not all about Japanese food. There is a huge range of cuisine on offer, from all over Asia, across Europe and the rest of the world.

  • Did You Know?
    4 Ways to Behave in Public in Japan

    There are so many unique things to see and do in Japan, from well-known sights and places of historic interest to exquisite Japanese cuisine and the latest pop culture.

  • Experiencing the Japanese Onsen the Right Way
    The Naked Truth!

    Japan is a country of hot springs, or onsen. No doubt many visitors were moved to visit Japan out of the desire to try one of these steaming natural springs for themselves.

  • For Trouble-Free Public Transport,
    Less “Putting Up With” and more “Consideration”

    In any country there are all sorts of rules when it comes to using public transport, and in the same way, there are quite a few rules and customs visitors should keep in mind when traveling in Japan...

  • Get Answers to Your Prayers with the Proper Etiquette!
    How to Visit a Shrine or Temple in 5 Steps

    Japan is home to approximately 85,000 shrines and 76,000 temples. A myriad of old Japanese gods are worshiped at the shrines while the temples are a sanctuary for the Buddhism commonly practiced in Asia.