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"Yakult" to Be Sold in Italy

November 2006

 In January 2007, Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. (President, Sumiya Hori) will establish the sales and marketing company, Yakult Italia S.r.l., and begin sales of “Yakult” nationwide in the Italian market.
  Currently, sales of “Yakult” are being undertaken in 26 countries and regions around the world. In Europe, sales of “Yakult” began in the Netherlands in 1994, and following a gradual expansion of the sales area, last year sales began in Austria, the ninth market to be entered in Europe.
  With a population of 58.1 million people, Italy is a large market with a high potential, as well as a country one in which the dairy market has already been widely penetrated by the products of the major European dairy manufacturers.
  Against this background, Yakult Europe B.V. plans to establish a 100% wholly-owned locally-incorporated subsidiary, Yakult Italia S.r.l., and began sales in Italy with “Yakult” products imported from its factory in the Netherlands.
  With the dairy product market in Italy steadily growing year after year, it is a promising market in Europe, and Yakult will establish a sales base there with the aim of the further penetration of the Yakult brand.
  A summary of the sales plan for Italy is as follows:


  1. Company Name:  Yakult Italia S.r.l.
  2. Location:  119,000 euros
    (approx 17.85 million yen at 1 euro = 150 yen)
    All capital to be contributed by Yakult Europe B.V.
  3. Established:  January 2007 (planned)
  4. Sales Area:  All of Italy
  5. Planned Start of Sales:  January 2007 (planned)
  6. Sales Method:  At supermarkets and other retail store locations
  7. Planned Start of Sales:  January 2007 (planned)
  8. Sales Method:  At supermarkets and other retail store locations
  9. Product:  “Yakult”
  10. Planned Retail Price:  0.475 euro/bottle (approx. 71 yen) not including VAT
  11. Sales Plan:  2007 fiscal year: 41,000 bottles/day; 2009 fiscal year: 144,000 bottles/day


[For Reference]

1.Outline of Italy 

58,100,000 (pop. density is 193/ sq. m) 2004
Area301,268 sq. km (80% of Japan’s total area)


Rome (pop. 2,550,000)
Currencyeuro (introduced in Jan. 2002): As of Oct. 31, 2006, 1 euro = 149.60 yen
GDP Per Person Approx. US$27,699 (2004)
GDP Growth Rate0.4% (2002); 0.4% (2003); 1.2% (2004)


2.Yakult Europe

Company Name 
Yakult Europe B.V.
LocationAlmere, the Netherlands
EstablishedMarch, 1996
Capitalization30.3 million euros (approx. 4.542 billion yen at 1 euro = 150 yen)
* 100% subsidiary of Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd.
PresidentHiroshi Suzuki
# of EmployeesApprox. 120
BusinessSales and marketing umbrella company encompassing the sales companies and the production of Yakult and Yakult Light in Europe


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