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Full-Scale Sales of "Yakult" to Begin in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

April 2008

Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd.(President, Sumiya Hori)has announced that Yakult Vietnam Co., Ltd. will begin full-scale production and sales of its product, “Yakult” in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from April 11, 2008.

With regards to operation in Vietnam, Yakult Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established in June 2006 as a joint venture company with Groupe Danone (Yakult Honsha holds 80%, Danone holds 20% of Yakult Vietnam shares). From September 2007, Yakult Vietnam has begun the initial sales in Ho Chi Minh City which is the largest economic and commercial city in Vietnam, through home delivery system structured by “Yakult Ladies”, and also Supermarkets and Stores channels by importing the product “Yakult” from P.T. Yakult Indonesia Persada .

In this initial sales, firstly Yakult Vietnam started communicating with the people of Vietnam about our corporate philosophy and introduced the product “Yakult” through our original home delivery system “Yakult Ladies”, with the aim of establishing the basement for full-scale sales.

Today, April 11 2008, Yakult Vietnam will start full-scale sales of “Yakult” in Ho Chi Minh City and its surrounding areas , since the construction of the factory is completed and the production is ready. This New factory is in inside the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park(VSIP) located outside of Ho Chi Minh City, made for the visitation of Customers as well as considering Safety, Sanitation, and Labor Savings.

Through the full-scale sales, Yakult Vietnam will focus on the further construction of home delivery system “Yakult Ladies” and spread our corporate philosophy and product in Vietnam.

An outline of the sales plan in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is as follows:

Product Name: 
Size / Package: 65ml / 5 bottle packs, polystyrene containers
Planned Retail Price: 18,500 Vietnamese Dong /5 bottle pack (Approx. 115 yen)
1 Vietnamese dong=0.0062yen(Currency exchange rate: March 31, 2008)
Sales Area: Ho Chi Minh City, and planning to expand sales area to surrounding cities
Sales Channel: Home delivery sales by “Yakult Ladies”, Sales in Stores and Supermarkets
Planned Sales Bottles: 18,000 bottles/day (Daily Average of Year 2008)



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