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Start of sales of Yakult in Belize – the country nicknamed the "Jewel of the Caribbean"

October 2008

Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. (President, Sumiya Hori) will begin sales of “Yakult” in the Central American country of Belize from October 10, 2008. Products manufactured by Yakult Mexico will be sold at retail stores in free trade zones in Belize through a distributor that does business in Mexico and Belize.

With sales of “Yakult” in Belize, Yakult Honsha will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of health in Belizean people.

“Yakult” is currently sold in 30 countries and regions outside of Japan. In the Americas, beginning with the start of sales in Brazil in 1968, “Yakult” is now also sold in Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, United States, and Canada.

The start of sales of “Yakult” in Belize will mark the seventh country in the Americas and it will expand our sales network to 31 countries and regions outside of Japan.

Below is an outline of our sales plan for Belize.

 Product Name: Yakult
 1. Product: Yakult (80 ml / three bottle packs)
 2. Suggested retail price: 1 Belize $ (approx. 53 Yen) per bottle
・1 Belize $ = US$0.50 (fixed rate)
・Using the currency exchange rate on October 2
( US$ 1 = 106.11 Yen)
 3. Start of Sales:  October 10, 2008
 4. Sales area: 1.Free trade zones (Will also conduct sales in cities throughout Belize in the future.)
*Free trade zones are areas that were created to promote trade expansion by the exemption of custom duties, etc., with aims of economic growth, full employment, and efficient use of resources
 5. Sales channel: Store sales
 6. Targeted Bottle Sales: 300 bottles per day in 2008
(The daily Average sales between October and December in 2008)


About Belize

Belize is a country that is located in the northeastern part of Central America (southeast of Mexico), has a population of 290,000 people, and has an area of 23,000 km2. Agriculture, forestry, and tourism are thriving industries in Belize. The country is surrounded by beautiful water and coral reefs, and is called the “Jewel of the Caribbean.”



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