30th Nov 2023
Materiality Initiatives "Caring for the environment and protecting employee health by introducing electric trucks: Guangzhou Yakult Co., Ltd."
14th Nov 2023
Publication of "Sustainability Report 2023"
29th Sep 2023
Materiality Initiatives "Addressing marine plastic pollution in a country surrounded by vast oceans : PT. Yakult Indonesia Persada"
31th Aug 2023
Materiality Initiatives "Cultivating the sustainable Yakult Forest with our global stakeholders: Yakult Europe B.V."
4th Jul 2023
Materiality Initiatives "Living alongside the people of Wuxi, a metropolis on the water: Wuxi Yakult Co., Ltd."
31th Mar 2023
Yakult Launches Yakult Global Sustainability Website
31th Mar 2023
The Yakult Group establishes Deforestation and Conversion Free (DCF) Commitment to Responsible Sourcing
13th Feb 2023
Sustainability Report 2022, Yakult Sustainability Stories and ESG data have been updated.(Independent Assurance Report has been attached to Sustainability Report.)
26th Oct 2022
Yakult Becomes Sedex Member to Strengthen Supply Chain Management
28th Sep 2022
Yakult to Introduce Internal Carbon Pricing System
17th Aug 2022
Expressing our support for TCFD
29th Mar 2022
Yakult to Reduce CO2 Emissions by About 40% Compared with FY2018(Scope 1 and 2* in Japan)
Twelve Yakult Group plants in Japan to switch entirely to purchasing electric power from renewable energy sources
28th Feb 2022
Yakult CSR Report 2021 has been updated(Independent Assurance Report has been published. pp. 100-101)
1st Jun 2021
The Yakult Group signs the United Nations Global Compact (64.3KB)
22th Feb 2019
Yakult certified as a Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)
13th Feb 2019
“Yakult CSR Report 2018” won an award in the 22nd Environmental Communication Awards
18th Sep 2018
Publication of "Yakult CSR Report 2018"
21st Feb 2018
Yakult certified as a Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)
19th Sep 2017
Yakult CSR Campaign related to Biodiversity
19th Sep 2017
Publication of “Yakult CSR Report 2017”
30th Aug 2017
Flower gift by Yakult Ladies for elderly people living alone
23rd Feb 2017
“Yakult CSR Report 2016” won an award in the 20th Environmental Communication Awards
25th Oct 2016
Supporting breast cancer screening of Yakult Ladies
16th Sep 2016
Publication of “Yakult CSR Report 2016”
16th Sep 2016
Yakult CSR Campaign related to COOL CHOICE National Campaign
30th Aug 2016
Flower gift by Yakult Ladies for elderly people living alone
10th Oct 2015
Donation to OISCA Children’s Forest Program by Yakult CSR Campaign
8th Apr 2015
Supporting as Platinum Sponsor for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree managed by World Organization of the Scout Movement
12th Feb 2015
Yakult group’s program of dispatching guest lecturers received an Honorable Mention from the Judging Committee of the Awards for Companies Promoting Experience-based Learning Activities for Youth